Updates from SF/Flying Over Walls

2017 is happening in full swing! Whether you are out in the streets this week or not, we hope you are finding ways to stand in defense of our communities under siege. Our friend, Dean Spade, just put out a great interview about the ways our gov’t is at war with our targeted communities and resistance movements.

As for Black & Pink specific activities, as we move into 2017, we will no longer be hosting our every other month SF letterwriting events, as our main SF organizer is on hiatus. We will continue to have monthly events, but they will mostly be centered in Oakland for now.

We are also organizing ongoing prison visits to our locally incarcerated members. If you have a penpal and are interested in visiting them, request that they send you a visitation form and then send that form directly into the prison. We can assist, if needed. We will hopefully be doing a carpool to Mule Creek State Prison on Jan 29 to visit a couple members, and are working on getting clearance and getting visits scheduled for San Quentin, California Medical Facility, and CCWF. Be in touch if you are interested in joining.

And please sign this petition – and then call (936) 437-4927 or email prea.ombudsman@tdcj.texas.gov & ombudsman@tdcj.texas.gov with the following message (or feel free to put your own spin on it): This is in regards to a transgender prisoner named Nicole (Charles) Jacks #1518147 who is under the care of TDCJ’s Smith Unit in Lamesa, TX. Nicole has endured horrific treatment at the hands of both prison staff and other inmates and I urge you to investigate this matter and promptly transfer her to a P2 Safekeeping Unit.

Save the dates!

We will be at Somar Bar for our letterwriting nights on the following Mondays: Feb 27, April 17, June 19.

Support TGI Justice Project with sending in legal and self-help resources  – get updates here.

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