Coming Out of Concrete Closets: A Report on Black & Pink’s National LGBTQ Prisoner Survey

During the latter months of 2014, Black & Pink, conducted a survey of our prisoner membership. Nearly 1,200 prisoners responded to our 133-question survey, producing the largest ever dataset available on the experiences of LGBTQ prisoners in the country. The intent of this survey was to get some truth out from behind prison walls about the experiences of LBGTQ prisoners in the United States. Our report aims to share that truth by elevating prisoner voices, stories, and leadership to inspire immediate collective action.

This is just PART 1 of our incredible report project. From here we will be sharing the data and report with Black & Pink’s incarcerated membership, getting their feedback, and creating a PART 2 report (hopefully by summer 2016) with a collection of reflections from LGBTQ prisoner members of Black & Pink.

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Cover. Coming Out of Concrete Closets. Black and Pink. October 16 2015.

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