Black and Pink Albuquerque meets virtually on the first Sunday of every month from 6-7pm to connect and write letters to our penpals together. We work to support people incarcerated in New Mexico and with BraveHearts, a group of LGBTQ2s folks who are incarcerated in Tucson Federal Prison. We would love for you to join us! If you’re interested, email for more information.

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Please join our annual Holiday Card Campaign & send some love & care to our incarcerated family this holiday season!

Brightly colored neoncomic, reads from right to left “No matter where you are … you are family. No matter where you are … you are loved. No matter where you are … you matter. At the holidays … and always.” Images include an older man by a flower box giving a flower to a person wearing a hijab, a person on the phone holding a small child, a person throwing a paper airplane to a seated person, a person with a beard chatting with a woman who is inside prison using prison communication software and finally, a person with shoulder-length hair reading a letter.

Head over to this blog post or our PenPal Pairing Site to learn more and register today!