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Earl (Alaska)

I would like to bring to everyone’s attention, the life endangerment, abuse and torture, I as a senior prisoner, am receiving and enduring at this extremely corrupt and illegal family operated Alaska, Spring Creek Correction Facility. I have been sexually assaulted/abused, by inappropriate touching of my genitals, and an unauthorized, illegal cavity search of my opening my digital penetration, by a sexual pervert female, AK. D.O.C. employee, which of course has been corruptly and illegally justified. I have had my legal filings and other legal documents stolen (4) four different times, and numerous pieces of artwork worth several thousand dollars stolen at the hands of the wife/spouse of the assistant superintendent, which of course is a fault of mine, however that can be. She was removed from the hobby shop and placed in a higher paying position in probations, for lying, cheating and stealing. This is called progress, and is the norm at this corrupt and illegal family operated facility, and these actions justify putting me in a life endangerment position, where my life could be taken at any minute for no reason, by AK. D.O.C., supervisor and socalled staff, and selected prisoners that will later be rewarded for their actions. I will not be the first to lose their life at this facility by the use of this manner and tactics. To all of our Black and Pink Family, take care, stay strong, and don’t give up. Because one battle is lost does not mean we or anyone has lost the war on prisoner abuse, harassment and torture.

Love to all, always, Earl (AK)

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