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Ms. April Cassidine (Tennessee)

Black and Pink..

I will join your fight… Let’s not give up… I would also like to join Black and Pink and share this letter I would like support from my new Black and Pink Family. Trans lives matter. LGBTQIA ours lives matter. Right to get feminine products. We fighting for our rights and respect as transgenders, our rights to be us.

Hello, my name is Terry T. and I am a Transgender who goes by and preferred to be announce and write by the name of Ms. April Tamela Cassidine. as my former stage named. I’m here all alone in this prison in the need of a special friend; advice, help and support for me as a transgender. 1 incident cause me 25 years of my life and freedom. Sad but true my accidental crime change my life like a blink of an eye. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I am tired of being pushed around by staffs verbal harassment, discrimination, emotional abuse.

Every time I files incidents reports or write a grievances it always be swept under the rug like at times I just wanna give up I also pray at times too about my mistreatment and neglected verbal harassment and also my discrimination acts against the staffs here by most of all I know my God will answer me one day I even begged them with tears to leave me alone. But it’s like a child yelling for Help and nobody is there to save him I wanna file a suit but would it help. I even gets to the point where I would rather commit suicide by taking my own life but is it worth it. I just wanna be at peace.

The wardens here don’t let me and others transgender women here get to treat ours hair nor buy feminine products off commissary they force us to live like other men please help us. However my new pink-black Family your support for this matter and concerns would make a big difference to a transgender like me. I have suffered a lot and damages hair because of failure of treatments due to our warden Aw. Pittman over treatments and operations and transgender inmates failure to take ours concerns and criticized us to force to live and act like guys. I mean why I can’t be me but we all know that's torture and discrimination why can’t we be happy and explore our sexuality. Every time I ask her about our needs she always say mean and rude things and threatening me and other transgenders with segregation.

We don't have any access to anything to do with women's items like hair products gel, perm, relaxers, no women's body wash no salon for us. But the guys here got their own barbershop. Only thing we got that's feminine is bras/panties and the state had to get that for us. I am just writing the truth and my words. Please share this story any support or advice is great. Thanks. Homophobics are not welcome on, or in ours breakthrough. LGBTQIA lives. Respect etc do matters.

Ms. April Cassidine (TN)

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