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Ms. Juicy (Nevada)

Dear Black and Pink,

What up Fam! Heyyyy dis is Juicy, Ms Juicy aka, you can’t handle the truth. I’m a Sexy Native Queen. Well, I’ve been getting the newspaper for a few years now! And I pass it around to all the (LGBTQ) fam here in Ely. Alot of inmates try to hit me ip on the low to get me to live with them due to my sexy juicylicious body and swag. But I do not put myself out there like that. I get with who I want, and any one who I feel is deservent of my company. I conduct myself very respectful and loyal to all my (LGBTQ). A lot of my homeboys don’t know about my juicy ways yet. But since I’ve come out 5 years ago I do tell all my closest bros. So far they’ve all said we got your back and accept me as a two spirit. I read about all out bros and sisters struggles and victories and that gives me a sense of comfort in here.

I lost contact of my girl Delicious, she’s a two spirit as well. She don’t know that once she left home I became a girl too. She taught me very well and really helped me find myself as a girl, and now I do my best to help and better any LGBTQ that I meet. I don’t care what others think of me b-cuz I am who I am, and creator made me the way I am, I’m hell of sexlicious with my long redish hair. I will not stop Rep’n our family to all my (LGBTQ) Be part of who god made you. Pray and don’t be selfish. You must play your part in out struggles. If you give some one one arrow, he can break it with one motion over his knee. But give him 10 arrows to break, It’ll be impossible.

“Unity” Much love to yal all. Your native girl, Ms. Juicy (NV)