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Your dollars help make it so that nearly 8,000 LGBTQ prisoners receive our monthly newspaper! Your dollars help us advocate for prisoners who are experiencing sexual violence behind bars! Your dollars increase the public awareness of LGBTQ prisoners’ experiences behind bars!

We encourage you to become a sustainer of our work and make regular monthly contributions. Not only will this make donating easier for you, it helps us better plan our budget.

Sustainer Options

This is just some of the feedback we get from prisoners EVERY month…

“I just received your July 10 Newsletter, it was GREAT! I love what you are doing and really see and like the movement you are starting. By spreading awareness to those who listen, you are doing more for the community than you would ever realize.” George Sanchez, incarcerated in Lancaster, CA

“Well, I wanted to write & say thank you for everything you are doing for the GLBQT people locked up everywhere.” -Mrs. Breanna Lynn Destiny, incarcerated in Boise, ID

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Want to know more about who the sustainer levels are named for? (Please note that there is no hierarchy, just assorted amazing prison abolitionists)

Marsha P. Johnson

marsha P johnson

Jean Genet


Sylvia Rivera


George Jackson


Marilyn Buck


Kuwasi Balagoon


Harry Hay