infographic pie chart that reads on left'27% of LGBTQ victims of hate violence received hostile treatment from police to whom they reported incidents.' and on right 'Transgender women were 6 times more likely to experience physical police violence.'

Launched in Omaha, Nebraska in 2018, Black & Pink National’s TRANSitions program builds a pathway toward safe housing for people who are system impacted and identify as transgender women, gender nonconforming individuals, and queer people living with HIV/AIDS. The program began by serving formerly incarcerated transgender women, often of color, who experienced housing instability. While this program continues to focus on providing housing for women, we acknowledge that gender is often not binary in the LGBTQIA2S+ community. After establishing a partnership with local apartment owners, Black & Pink National provides the down payment, as well as two month’s rent for participants, which waives background and credit checks that often act as a barrier.

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Please join our annual Holiday Card Campaign & send some love & care to our incarcerated family this holiday season!

Brightly colored neoncomic, reads from right to left “No matter where you are … you are family. No matter where you are … you are loved. No matter where you are … you matter. At the holidays … and always.” Images include an older man by a flower box giving a flower to a person wearing a hijab, a person on the phone holding a small child, a person throwing a paper airplane to a seated person, a person with a beard chatting with a woman who is inside prison using prison communication software and finally, a person with shoulder-length hair reading a letter.

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