Black & Pink National Recognizes the Black & Pink Union

Black & Pink National Recognizes the Black & Pink Union

February 10, 2022

On February 9th, Black & Pink National staff announced the formation of the Black & Pink Union under the auspices of the Denver NewsGuild (TNG-CWA L37074); and on February 10th, Black & Pink National’s Executive Director, Dominique Morgan, voluntarily recognized the Black & Pink Union (TNG-CWA L37074) based on the neutral card check method for a defined bargaining unit. Black & Pink National looks forward to entering this new phase of our organization and supporting workers’ rights to self-organize. 

The mission of the Black & Pink Union is to “safeguard social and economic justice in our workplace using the values of our organization.” Black & Pink National recently adopted new organizational values, which the Black & Pink Union cited in their statement: “We believe that People Matter and hope to build and maintain solidarity with all people organizing for collective liberation. We believe in Collective Care and know that together we are infinitely powerful. We believe that Liberation for All means liberation from all systems of power and control, and we strive to resist replicating those systems within our own organization and movements. We believe in Innovative Leadership, and recognize the leadership within all of us.” 

Black & Pink National is excited that we are living through a societal moment with large-scale support for worker power and solidarity, and has been encouraged by the many workers who have come together across non-profit organizations and for-profit corporations to unionize around workers’ rights. Black & Pink National and Executive Director, Dominique Morgan, look forward to further dialogue and negotiations in good faith to build a stronger organization with the shared goal of working in service of our system-impacted LGBTQIA2S+ members and members living with HIV/AIDS, and we are hopeful and excited for what the future of our organization holds. 

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