Stimulus Payments for Incarcerated People

Help us share information regarding stimulus payments to our incarcerated community!

Black & Pink National is excited to be sending information regarding stimulus payments to our inside members in our upcoming Newsletter! With the help of our community, we can send this information to even more incarcerated people across the country! 

Print one or both of these documents and mail them to your incarcerated loved ones so we can support our incarcerated community in accessing their stimulus payments!

Here is the information we have provided for our inside family: 

  • You will need a Form 1040 (2020 Individual Tax Return). You can request one from your facility, or an outside person can request the IRS to mail it to you through this link: We have heard that the IRS is not consistently providing forms to incarcerated folks. Another way to get the form may be to get an outside person to mail it to you, depending on whether your facility allows you to receive blank forms.

If your incarcerated loved one experiences difficulties receiving their form from the IRS, you can access and print the 2020 Form 1040 here.

Thank you for supporting our incarcerated community members in accessing their stimulus payments! 

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Please join our annual Holiday Card Campaign & send some love & care to our incarcerated family this holiday season!

Brightly colored neoncomic, reads from right to left “No matter where you are … you are family. No matter where you are … you are loved. No matter where you are … you matter. At the holidays … and always.” Images include an older man by a flower box giving a flower to a person wearing a hijab, a person on the phone holding a small child, a person throwing a paper airplane to a seated person, a person with a beard chatting with a woman who is inside prison using prison communication software and finally, a person with shoulder-length hair reading a letter.

Head over to this blog post or our PenPal Pairing Site to learn more and register today!