Black & Pink National Welcomes New Board Members

Black & Pink National Welcomes New Board Members!

Black & Pink National, a prison abolition organization mobilizing to liberate LGBTQIA2S+ people and people living with HIV/AIDS from the criminal punishment system, announces the appointment of nine (9) new members to its Board of Directors, joining established board member and newly elected Board President, Tanya Nguyen. The appointed members reflect a diverse set of lived experiences, identities, and talents and we are honored to welcome them aboard. 

New board members include: Grace DeTrevarah, LGBTQ Liaison & Senior Reentry Peer Educator/Health Facilitator at the Osborne Association; Taylor Strelevitz, Conversation Programs Manager at the Alaska Humanities Forum;  Adrien Leavitt, Staff Attorney at the King County Department of Public Defense; Felicia Carbajal, Executive Director at the Social Impact Center; Carlos Daniel Torrealba, Climate Justice Program Manager at the Central Florida Jobs with Justice; Sharina Gordon, Social Justice Consultant at SG Consulting; Cedric Pulliam, Senior Public Health Advisor at the CDC; Kat Macholmes, co-founder + strategist at k+ r strategies; and Mariah Moore, Executive Director at the House of Tulip. 

“There is an air of excitement at Black & Pink National right now. The opportunity for nine incredible people from across our communities to impact our work is a gift,” says Dominique Morgan, Black & Pink National Executive Director. “Personally, the appointment of Mariah Moore as our Vice President creates a historical moment in our 16 years of existence as an organization. She is the first Black Trans person to hold that role. From Alaska to New York, we are represented on the National Board and I look forward to the great work we will accomplish.” 

As Black & Pink National continues to expand pathways to equitable opportunities for the communities they serve, their board will be vital to stewarding Black & Pink National through 2021 and beyond. Tanya Nguyen will serve as Board President and Mariah Moore as Board Vice President.

“I am honored and humbled to serve on the Black & Pink National Board of Directors again for my final year, alongside a strong cohort of people dedicated to dismantling the prison industrial complex,”  remarks Tanya Nguyen. “As Board President, I am excited to help facilitate Dominique’s bold vision, to do the background work and to marshal resources so our community can focus on achieving our liberatory dreams, and to prepare a smooth transition for new leadership. I’m grateful to be part of this organization that fosters so many connections and provides so much mutual support, broadly and specifically for currently and formerly incarcerated LGBTQIA2S+ individuals who are dear to me.”

“I have witnessed firsthand how Black & Pink National has changed and saved lives. I am honored to be on the Board of Directors to support and uplift the leadership of Dominique Morgan,” affirms Mariah Moore. “Black & Pink National is an organization that is serving the community and led by the community, which is why it feels like home.”

Come home to Black & Pink National and learn more about our newest board members on our website.

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